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About us

UAB „Optita“ vision

To be the best quality and fastest service company in our area to the partners and customers in Lithuania.

UAB „Optita“ mission

To help people choose the right item, service and represent them after sale.

UAB „Optita“ values


We constantly are trying to improve our knowledge and skills in the professional field and share them with colleagues and clients.

Our goal is to be experts in our field.


We follow the principles of virtue colleagues and clients. We respect your colleagues and clients selections, regardless of the resulting financial performance.

Respect for one another helps to achieve better results.


To respect employees and their rights, provide safe and good, non-discriminatory working conditions. Constantly create conditions to develop our skills and competencies to ensure employee satisfaction and overall development.

We are responsible to divide promises. Because it is our duty to carry out all of them.

Punctuality to clients and colleagues.

We are responsible for the environment: we are trying to preserve the environment for future generations, so we sort of waste responsibly. We choose suppliers who also care about the environment.

Responsibility towards shareholders. We are working in order to justify the shareholders' investment and achieve their sustainable return.